May 22, 2018
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The 1950’s was a decade that gave us many great people that impacted our lives such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Edward Bach, Edgar Cayce, and scientists such as Albert Einstein, William Shockley, Francis Bacon and Robert Adler. The 1950’s yielded systems and sciences that restructured our lives and still influence us today.

The 1950’s also gave us Toshihisa Hiraki of Japan, the father of SEIMEI who is still living today. For many centuries, theorists, yogis and scientists have discussed the concept of life force as Buddha Nature. Hiraki has taken the discussion one step further. He has named it, taught us how to awaken it, defined its laws, and taught thousands of people how to use it to improve their own health, thereby improving the health of their families.


From a very young age, Hiraki was aware of his mind and body, but also knew that he possessed one other aspect of self, which he later named SEIMEI, and he translates the word as “Buddha Nature/Life Force.” Post-war Japan was not a place to be displaying any unusual talents and so he made a conscious effort not to stand out. However, being unable to ignore this part of himself, in his late thirties, he developed an awakening process and curriculum to teach people how to use their SEIMEI to make changes in physical reality.

Because SEIMEI cannot be seen by the naked eye, Hiraki demonstrated it through non-touch pain relief, as people of all age and race have pain. He also demonstrated it through changing the taste of a beverage, using the body’s physical sense of taste to prove it into existence (i.e. making the taste bitter, sweet, sour, etc. without adding anything to it.)

In the 1980’s he trained several teachers in Japan to teach SEIMEI. He trained only one teacher for the United States to perform the awakening ceremony and teach the U.S. classes; she is Senior Instructor Nicola Bertolo.


The underlying precept which Hiraki discovered is that a human being is made up of a mind, a body, and a SEIMEI. The body must abide by the physical laws of time, space and mass/energy. The mind abides by no laws. SEIMEI, once awakened, must abide by the laws by which it is defined.

The laws of SEIMEI are: it is not restricted to time, space or mass, there is no separation between SEIMEIs, SEIMEI expands from the physical body, SEIMEI has memory and SEIMEI is eternal. These concepts are hard for the mind to grasp-especially the American or Western mind, so it is demonstrated at the teaching centers during SEIMEI nights in three ways: a) by making a change in the taste of food or beverage   b) by making a change in one point of pain quickly and/or c) making a change in a health condition by a practitioner doing a SEIMEI session (about 30-45 minutes).

As we know, Life Force is in everything. In SEIMEI, there are only two states of the Life Force: motion and stagnation. It is because peoples’ SEIMEI is stagnant that they are unaware of it. Hiraki discovered his SEIMEI knows no stagnation, and therefore he was able to develop this into a very powerful science.


Anyone can be taught to use their SEIMEI after their Buddha Nature has been activated. The SEIMEI Foundation requires that a person be 18 years of age or older. The physical requirements for this training include holding both arms out, bending, kneeling and stooping.


You can come to SEIMEI night (New Jersey or Santa Fe) and receive a demonstration for a current condition; you can try four or five sessions to work on a chronic condition; you can call a practitioner to pay for private sessions, or you or a family member could take the class. SEIMEI practitioners feel better when they use SEIMEI. The more you keep your own SEIMEI in motion (by working on family, friends, food, pets, plants, etc.), the better you feel, therefore the best way to improve a condition is to take the class and start using your SEIMEI.


The activation process “awakens” your SEIMEI and you can use it immediately. In the Level I class, you learn how to use your SEIMEI correctly, remove stagnation from the body, change the nature of pain, and change the taste of foods and beverage. In Level II you learn how the systems of the body are connected, and how to conduct full sessions in person as well as long distance. Seimei is results oriented, so there is a check in process involved. (Sessions take about 45 m.) Level III is advanced application.


In the United States, the SEIMEI Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate people that this part of themselves exists and can be used for the betterment of themselves and humankind. In Japan, it is a contemporary form of Buddhism called Houjyushu Houjyukai, and it is the practical application of one’s Buddha Nature. This is why the awakening ceremony has some Buddhist aspects to it. Any person of any faith or practice can practice SEIMEI and the membership in the United States is very diverse.


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People of all faiths and professions practice SEIMEI. (Currently, there are approximately 150 members in the United States and 25,000 in Japan.) The SEIMEI Foundation wants to attract people who want to take responsibility for their own health. We are unique in that we do not promote ourselves as “healers,” but want people to take the classes for the betterment of themselves and those around them. We volunteer our time during the week to help each other and our communities get healthier and learn about this part of themselves through demonstrations and educational programs. Everyone from CPA’s to teachers to students to engineers practice SEIMEI. “I got into SEIMEI because I realized this is the wave of the future: improving my life and the life of my family and my community,” one practitioner, an engineer said on the first day of class.


Based on its own natural laws, SEIMEI and its techniques are used to make change in the physical world without using force or friction. The results are consistent and everyone can be taught to use it. It is practical, personal, portable and profound!


SEIMEI represents the indefinable because it manifests our unknown potential and operates from natural laws that are separate from the natural laws of the physical world.  Hiraki, the founder, who is still living today, has made the unknown known, by giving us a practical way to prove to ourselves that our Life Force actually exists and we know NOW is the time to use it. Who wouldn't want to have Seimei as another tool in life? This is why people from all faiths and ages practice SEIMEI in the U.S. and in Japan!

Nicola Bertolo, Senior Instructor, states:

“As a human race, everyday we are discovering aspects of ourselves and our world that will put our lives in a different perspective. I believe that right now, given the state of our health and our planet, we should start defining our lives by what we experience. SEIMEI stories are based on results. SEIMEI is a “do to know” science. We practice first, and then we study the results. And we see results each and every day, as well as at each and every weekly healing clinic.

SEIMEI is fascinating because there are few words to describe what happens when suddenly a sharp pain is taken away or when a someone learns how to remove too much salt from a plate of food. As a society, we try and explain too many things. We know SEIMEI works, and we want to use it for the betterment of ourselves and mankind. SEIMEI isn’t for everyone because when studied, one must balance the role of the mind with the role of the body with the role of ones’ SEIMEI. We are using our awakened life force to get results and we call this “awakening our natural intelligence.” (Lecture, Santa Fe, New Mexico, November, 2009)

There is a poem that says...

Under the floor of some poor man’s house lies a treasure,

But because he does not know of its existence,

He does not think he is rich…

(The Peerless Continuum, Mullin, 2004)

Nicola explains, “We’ve never seen anything like SEIMEI because   SEIMEI has never been available before. It is a technique and practice that allows you to use a different part of yourself. Your SEIMEI is a platform for manifesting all types of positive change. Like the poem, people do not know what they possess and how easy it is to access. They may experience SEIMEI but only a brave few say “I want to use this part of myself.” That is why we are pioneering such enormous changes in those that participate, explore, and experience SEIMEI. This is my passion!”


The benefits of belonging to an international SEIMEI community include:

• Attending an intensive in Japan and be in the Place
of Jyouka (accelerated healing)

• Participating in monthly special ceremonies

• Practicing with experts

• Learning along side Senior Instructor Nicola Bertolo

• Having a community of people to call on if you are ill

• Making great friends

• Working on family and situations

• Working on pets

• Conducting case studies on health conditions/do action research

  • Most of all, getting to know your Seimei and what it can do when it can move consistently