May 22, 2018
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Seimei in the News — Saturday, May 3rd - 11 - 3pm

Powerful Japanese healing technique comes to  NJ

The Seimei Foundation is proud to announce the grand opening of their national headquarters in Hawthorne, NJ.  The festivities will include free stress & pain relief for all, a ribbon cutting ceremony by Senator Girgenti at 1pm and fun activities for kids.

Seimei, a non-touch healing technique, began in Japan in the 1980's and came to the USA in 1997.  Thousands of people in the NY, NJ area have had relief from all types of pain, tension and stress including headaches, back pain, and injuries. Many of them received such fantastic benefits that they chose to learn Seimei to help their own family members and friends.

"I stepped into a deep pot hole and wound up with a broken ankle.  I was told by my Orthopedic Doctor that it would take 6 weeks to heal. Within 3 weeks, I was out of my cast and walking normally. I had no swelling, pain or skin discoloration and x-rays showed that my ankle was completely healed.  I told my Doctor that I practice Seimei and was receiving a Seimei session everyday from Kathy Leone, a Certified Seimei Practitioner, to speed the healing process. He was so impressed after my cast came off, he asked if we would take referrals from him.  Seimei is amazing."   Linda M.  Physical Therapist and Seimei Practitioner

  "Seimei is for anyone who is interested in feeling good. There are no side effects like medications can cause. It doesn't matter if you believe in holistic healing or not; it just works." Kathy Leone, a Hawthorne resident of 15 years, has been practicing Seimei for over 11 years. She studied Seimei extensively in the USA and Japan directly under Master Instructor Nicola Bertolo. Kathy will run the Foundation's headquarters.

"Our hope is to introduce Seimei to as many people as possible at our Grand Opening event.  We will have many volunteer Practitioners on May 3rd to help out. Come and be pleasantly surprised."

Seimei in the News — 09/20/2007

Bernards woman masters health technique.

Former Olympian hosts weekly demonstrations of Seimei, a spiritual Japanese healing art.

By Michelle Regan, The Bernardsville News

A growing number of local residents believe that Nicola Bertolo of Bernards Township has the magic touch. However, Bertolo would disagree as she practices Seimei (pronounced "say may"), a non-touch Japanese healing art.

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