May 22, 2018
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Testimonials from Seimei Members

SEIMEI Used to Relieve Adverse Peanut Allergy

Little Jayli is 13 months old and the rash covering her body is a reaction she’s having in the Emergency Room from her first Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

She was treated with Prednisone in the ER and the parents were told she might need more administered to her before leaving the hospital. They were also given Prednisone doses for the next two days and an Epi-pen for later use, Jayli was released several hours earlier than expected and required no meds from then on.

The doctors said she could have the rash for up to two weeks and the toxins going through her liver could also last up to two weeks.
SEIMEI was done on her while in the Emergency Room and a couple of times afterwards. In less than 24 hours her body was clear of any rash and she showed no more discomfort in her breathing. This is a great example of how to use SEIMEI with traditional medicine to help accelerate the healing process.

24 Hours after.

(Photos used with permission.)

Jan Armstrong

SEIMEI Used to Relieve Severe Abdominal Pain

There have been many times when I would have been frantic if I didn't have SEIMEI to help my children. My son, age 7, was waking up every morning with severe abdominal pain; it was so bad that he couldn't eat anything. I took him to the Doctor and she couldn't find anything wrong. I then used SEIMEI on him and after a few sessions, his pain was completely gone. He now asks me to do SEIMEI on him when he is not feeling well.

Laurie Day

SEIMEI Used to Heal Injury Faster

The other day I tripped and banged my knee. I immediately did SEIMEI on the injured area and the next day I had no discomfort or bruises from a fall that in the past would have left me sore for days. I feel SEIMEI has taken me from being a person helpless in the face of day to day bumps and bruises to a person who can more easily flow through situations without suffering the usual consequences."

Sheela Hewitt

SEIMEI Used to Relieve Pain and Increase Range of Motion

When I came in, I had limited range of motion in my neck and a pulling sensation from my neck to my waist on the right side.  After the SEIMEI session, I had good range of motion and was pain-free.

Cheryl P.

SEIMEI Used to Relieve Heal Severe Burns Quickly

The husband of a friend is a plumber who had a boiler blow up in his face. After visiting the emergency room and being told he would have a long recovery, his wife called me to do SEIMEI. After I worked on him, he went for a follow-up visit with his doctors who were amazed by the amount of tissue healing, especially around the ears where the majority of his aggressive second degree burns had occurred.

R. Rodman

SEIMEI Used to Relieve Chronic Neck Pain

A co-worker of mine had suffered for several years with pain in her neck. The pain had became so intense that she couldn't put her head in certain positions. After only 10 minutes of SEIMEI, she looked at me in shock and asked, “ What did you just do? I can move my head and most of the pain is gone!"


SEIMEI Used to Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When I first began receiving SEIMEI Sessions, I had carpal tunnel syndrome. It was so bad that I found it difficult to hold anything. After several sessions, my carpal tunnel syndrome was gone and I felt much better all over.

Kathy Leone

SEIMEI Used to Relieve Sciatica

I had excruciating sciatica pain for 10 years. My MRI showed a herniated disk in my 5th lumbar vertebrae and my chiropractor recommended surgery. Instead, I tried SEIMEI sessions.  After 7 sessions (in only 3 weeks), I went to work all day and came home pain-free -- my first pain-free day in 10 years. My pain is still completely gone and I have more flexibility in my lower back than ever before.

Barbara Anderson


I just returned from a cruise. The first day, a woman fell down the stairs. I asked her if I could try and relieve her pain. Her knee was swollen and a level 9 of sharp pain. I worked on it for five minutes and got the pain to a 1. The next day, she found me in the lunch line. The knee was still swollen, but the pain did not come back.

The next day, someone fell getting into the boat an tweeked a knee. I sat across from this 26 year old and took his pain away without touching him using long distance (Level III) application. He just kept looking for the pain, but it was gone. He had a wonderful day with no pain at all and no limp.

The next day, a woman was suffering with back pain. I worked on her but she said she didn't feel that much better. I told her that for me, Seimei sometimes has to integrate with my body when resting overnight. The next day she found me and was going on a field trip-and felt wonderful.

Seimei truly is like having a first aid kit in your hands. But most important, it works on our own health. When I became seasick the first day on the cruise, I found someone to work on to pull myself out of it without taking medicine. Seimei has changed the way I think about health. Now it's "Self-care (with Seimei) is my health care."

Alexandra Bakos, SW Co- Coordinator

February, 2011